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The Chaud cookie app is a simple way to touch your precious one. Take a photo, decorate and order cookies with it! Enjoy making one-of-a-kind cookie by using photo and your precious moments.

Decorate your photo with a variety of stamps, templates and fonts. Plain, Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies available. Your one-of-a-kind gift will be delivered in 7days.
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Scene1:Chaudcookie as a petit gift for wedding or second sitting. 
Scene2:Chaudcookie as a  petit gift for a birthday party or a farewell party. 
Scene3:Chaudcookie as a surprise gift for event of your office.
  • The best petit gift for a wedding or party after the wedding. 

  • A memorial gift for a birthday party or a farewell party.

  • A surprise gift for an event of your office.

Why don't you give your loved ones
chaudcookies designed with the
pictures, illustrations and
warmth messages???
Chaudcookies can tell your
appreciation to your
important people on behalf of you.
We are a popular confectionary in Osaka.

Features of our "Chaudcookie"

Your chaudcookie will be printed beautifully.
With a high quality food printing technology, The chaudcookie fulfills our dreams, both delicious taste and beautiful printing.
Cookies are wrapped individually.
A special wrapping is very
important for your
wonderful occasion.
Our individually wrapping in a careful manner will prevent your cookies
cracking from shipping.
We can send you chaudcookie with a gift box.
A special gift box is available. There are variety of gift wrapping papers on hand, such as Japanese style gift wrapping called “Noshi”.

How to make chaudcookie??

Video: How to create message cookie
You can make the chaudcookie easily. Enjoy decorating as you like with “the chaud cookie app”.
Select a photo
You can take a photo on the spot with your smartphone, or
you can select pictures that you store on your smartphone!
Of course, it is also a good idea to put messages onto
a blank cookie, not using any photos. All you need to do
in this step is to decide your own canvas!
Choose picture for your cookie
Let's decorate your cookie with stamps and cute letters! You will realize you can express your inner feelings toward your loved ones when decorating a chaudcookie.
Decorate your cookie with stamps and messages
You can order the
chaudcookie right after
you completed your
decoration and stored it
in your smartphone.
After ordering the
chaudcookie, you only
need to wait for the
cookie to come!
Now you can give the
only cookie in the world
to the people you care.
Easy to create original message cookie

Chaudcookie Gallery

We made our chaudcookies in time for returning home over the summer break. My parents got so happy that they took pictures of the cookie! We are hoping to make chaudcookie next time as well, if we got a chance.
We gave this chaudcookie as a present to a bar that had the one-year anniversary the other day. The bar distributed this cookie to their customers. The cookies got popular among the customers with the detailed design!
We give the chaudcookie to visitors of our wedding hall. The cookies are so popular among the visitors that we order chaudcookie repeatedly.
We gave this chaudcookie to the participants of the costume-contest only. However, those who had heard about the chaudcookie came over to get the cookie. Since so many people came over to get the cookie that we were thrown into utter confusion!
We gave the chaudcookie to our parents as a gift for the Respect for the Aged Day. Our parents looked happier than we had expected them to be!
Those who I gave the chaudcookie seemed pleased than I had expected. They said that they waited at the last minute of the best before date, since they thought the cookies were too cute to eat.
We gave the chaudcookie as a petit gift to the attendants at our wedding. We were so satisfied to get our own cookies. We hope to make the chaudcookie if we got a chance.
I made the chaudcookie in order to give them to my son’s friend who had a birthday recently. It was not only our children that got happy, but also we, adults got delighted.


Order and Payments
How much is the chaudcookie?
It is 200 yen per cookie. (Tax included/ postage excluded) However, Heart Type cookie is 250 Yen per cookie. (Tax included/ postage excluded)
Tell me how many cookies I can order at a time.
We can accept any amount of cookies,
but need to order minimum 10 pieces of cookies.
What if we want to cancel or change our order?
We are very sorry but we do not accept any cancelation and changes of orders.
I am afraid of the cookie getting racked during the shipping
We will pay special attention to the shipping. Should you get cracked chaudcookies, we will accept product returns or exchanges. However, please note that we cannot accept item exchanges or returns owing to your own circumstances.
Which shipping courier?
Yamato Un-yu.
About the item
When is the best-before date?
Within 4 weeks from the production date. We make sure that your items are delivered in 1 week from the production date.
Can any picture and color be printed out on a cookie beautifully?
Since we print out onto cookies, sometimes the pictures won't be printed out fairly. For more detail, please have a look at "Caution points of graphics".

Cautions of pictures

Color tone on the finished cookies
The color tone of the completed items is different from that of the picture you handed in. Please have a look at the color sample below.
In addition, as a matter of the printer, color blue might change to green-ish color. Thank you for understanding.
Pictures and Illustrations
Some pictures and illustrations might not be printed out fairly. Please see below.
Please avoid using pictures
with light color or gradation.
Pictures with light color tone and gradation
might not be printed out fairly. Also,
white color might not be turned out well
on the cookie.
Please avoid using vague
pictures or illustrations.
If the colors used are similar colors, the
details are not printed out fairly, making
difficult to distinguish detailed parts.
Please use clearer pictures.
Please avoid using blur pictures and low
quality images. It is best to use brighter
and clearer pictures. We ask all of our
customers to use pictures with resolution
of more than 300dp. Pictures taken by digital
cameras or iPhones are qualified for making
chaudcookie. Also, please use the pictures
taken with enough light. Avoid using night
view pictures with dark surroundings,
contr-jour pictures, and images that are lit
by a candle light.
The upper body pictures
are best to use.
It is probable that we cannot print out
the detailed part of the pictures. So, using
pictures that photographed an upper half
of body are best to use. Also, please use
a picture that photographed a small
number of people rather than a large
number of people.
Please avoid designing with fine lines.
Please avoid designing with fine
lines or small patterns. If the
design is too small or fine, the
design would not be printed out well.


Contact Form

Email address

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Body text
The name of the shop [Kitahama Sweets FOCE]
Address Net Fushimicho 1F, 2-6-2 Fushimicho Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka 541-0044
Opening hours 11:00-19:00 (Close on Sundays)
TEL 06-4963-2917(Japanese Only)
If you have questions/ opinions about app and ad, please contact to
The name of the company DreamExchange, Ltd
Address Lapiross Roppongi 7F 6-1-24 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
TEL 03-6434-0700